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When Do You Get Goosebumps?

Feature Writer

Muse Magazine Article, October 2021

(Published by Cricket Media)

*You don’t have to be an adult to appreciate the most cutting-edge discoveries in modern science. Future engineers, inventors, biologists, and other curious kids ages 9-14 will delight in MUSE magazine’s unabashedly off-the-wall articles! With quirky humor, enthralling articles, and striking photos and cartoons, MUSE has something for everyone. Explore topics ranging from zombies to AI to the science of dreams to the history of ghost-hunting. How are crop circles formed? How does Bitcoin work? Can animals have autism?

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A Conversation with Ranger Kip

Feature Writer

Muse Magazine Article, September 2021

(Published by Cricket Media)

September Muse.jpg

Ask Dr. Erin

Science @ Work Writer

Muse Magazine Article, March 2020

(Published by Cricket Media)

Muse Magazine March 2020_End of an Era.p

Collective Impact: How being a good community steward will help your business grow

Feature Writer

Playground Professionals Magazine Article, March 2019 

Playground Professional Magazine Article

Thoughts from a White Belly Dancer: Why appreciating another culture's art may still be seen as offensive.

Feature Writer

Thought Catalog, 2014 (Online Platform)

-Article received 6.9k shares

Thought Catalog Logo.png

Hiding out in Hidaka

Short Story Writer

To Japan with Love: A Travel Anthology Creative Non-Fiction Short Story, All Things Asian Press, 2010

To Japan with Love Cover.jpg

Miss Jeshi's First Business Trip

Feature Writer

Sushi and Sake Magazine Creative Non-Fiction Short Story, 2012


Valley Scene Magazine

Entertainment Beat Writer

Various articles, 2008-2010

Valley Scene Magazine Logo.png
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