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Method: A Voice Actor Prepares is a quirky comedic short set at a recording studio, starring a thespian who takes his craft VERY seriously. Featuring some of the biggest names in animation, this live action film is a light hearted behind the scenes look at show business. 

About Almost Fairytales 

Our co-owners, Lindsey Myers and Jessica Renslow met while working at a post-production studio in Burbank, California in 2007. After a year of collaborating on many projects together, they decided to combine their production and post-production skill sets and formed Almost Fairytales. We are an independent production/ post-production company based in Studio City, California and Gary, Indiana (the Chicagoland Region). A key factor for the Almost Fairytales crew has been maintaining our motto, "We Make Projects into Productions!" Our corps of industry professionals has a unique combination of expertise. Our services vary, but fall into four main categories: preproduction, production, post-production and instructional design. 

Meet The Cast & Crew

Cast (In order of Appearance):
Ben Diskin
Yuri Lowenthal
Tricia Pierce
Maile Flanagan
Patrick Seitz
Erin Fitzgerald
Wendee Lee
Ricky Moore
Amanda Chism

Music: Eyeshine (Lead singer Johnny Yong Bosch)
Visual Effects: Rob Ehrenreich
Cinematography: Spencer Smith
Editor: Lindsey K. Myers
Production Assistant: John Pearson
Post Production Assistant: Andrew Renslow
Writer/Director: Jessica Renslow

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