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Creating Lifelong Communities

Trailer for feature-length documentary.

Film Description

Right now the US's fastest growing minority group is people with disabilities. Disability impacts folks of all ages from all backgrounds. Since Covid 19, there has been a 1.2 million increase in Americans with disabilities. With the baby boomers entering their twilight years and more people being diagnosed earlier, our nation is at a tipping point. Creating Lifelong Communities needs to become a priority. This documentary explores the history of disability in the states and the shift to Universal Design. We will focus on the positive economic impact planning inclusive spaces can have on a city and showcase Hoosier placemakers stewarding projects across Indiana. The film will highlight how small decisions lead to major strides to help communities at risk of losing members due to a lack of access. 


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Director's Statement


As a filmmaker my work sits at the intersection of entertainment and education. As a person with a disability, I have always advocated for creating lifelong communities, but since 2020 hit my whole view on Universal Design has amplified. Being pregnant and becoming a new mom during the pandemic led me to appreciate well planned spaces on a whole new level. This 90 minute documentary is the deeper exploration of a topic we covered in our short docs about active transportation, Take Bike the Streets (2023) and our Unearthed Film Project on universally designed greenspaces (which is set to debut in 2024). Creating Lifelong Communities discusses emerging trends across our nation and globally. By examining how the shift in the 1950s to the nuclear family had a butterfly effect towards segregating elders, we will showcase how a worldwide pandemic has led Americans to rethink  intergenerational households and what this paradigm means for the long run in cities with aging infrastructure. 


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